What we do at Equiniti 

Share Registration

Our share registration services have a unique standing and heritage in the markets in which they operate. The combination of administrative tasks involved requires specialist skills in managing large volumes of complex data for (usually) publicly listed companies. Built upon years of expertise in the field, these products are our core service offering and aim to ensure the effective management, governance, and administrative support of a company’s legal obligation to keep records of who owns it. The services we provide encompass the updating of company records, the management of general meetings, providing the administrative expertise needed to manage large scale and complex volumes of data, specialist support for corporate actions, shareholder analysis, company secretarial support, and shareholder payments.

Employee Benefits

With award winning Sharesave & SIP plans and a wide variety of other supporting ESP products and services that cater for the administration and ongoing management of ESP’s, we are the leading share plans administration provider for UK-listed companies.

Our comprehensive range of incentive-based management is used by corporate clients to reward, recruit, engage, and motivate their employees, and encompasses executive share services, global share plans, a sophisticated flexible benefits offering and creative services to target communications at the right audience, generate awareness and maximise participation.

Investment Services

In the niche retail market of investment services Equiniti provides a number of share trading services, for both corporate clients and retail investment customers, which help investors to make the most of their money and get more from their shares.

We offer sharetrading, ISA, and investment account facilities for retail investment consumers, a ‘white label’ sharetrading solutions service for corporate clients (a consumer targeted retail investment product offered and supported under the client’s own brand), custody, settlement, and reconciliation services for wealth managers, and a complete administration service for investment trust companies – not to mention our unique Shareview dealing portal that enables shareholders to manage their portfolios online.

Business Process Outsourcing

Equiniti has an enviable depth of expertise and capability across its share registration, HR and employee benefits and investment services offering. Equiniti already has, through Equiniti ICS, a proven track record in specific HR & Payroll, Case Management software solutions, EDRM and Business Intelligence delivery which we aim to expand further into new markets and leverage to support the wider BPO brief/strategy.

We aim to harness that capacity for processing complex administrative tasks and transpose it into commercial outsource solutions for existing clients in new areas but also for clients new to the business.



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