Shareview Dealing 

UK Employees

Equiniti’s Shareview Dealing enables employees to trade online or over the telephone. It is a fast and secure way to deal, and if the trade being placed is for shares in one of over 700 companies, including around 50% of the FTSE 100, for whom Equiniti acts as the Registrar, we can offer market-leading settlement times. Please follow this link for further information.

Our Shareview Dealing service offers employees: 

- No ongoing fees
- A sophisticated but easy to use system
- Online or telephone access
- Real time price quotes
- Limit and stop-loss orders
- Competitive rates of commission

Overseas Employees

ESDS offers a certificated dealing service to your overseas employees. The service is a one-off paper based share dealing facility which enables your employees based in certain overseas jurisdictions to trade in their company shares.

Features of the service include:

- Buying and selling your company shares
- Foreign Exchange conversion at the point of transaction
- Price Limit
- Net sale proceeds transferred directly to the employee’s bank account in their domestic currency.